July 15, 2010

Are SA Motivational Speakers On The Way Out?

Maybe I'm being alarmist, but based on the way the world is searching, the term "motivational speaker" is being used less and less. I picked this trend up from an interesting tool: Google Insights for Search. With Google Insights you can see what the world is searching for. You can compare search volume patterns
across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties.

Use the tool to type in your related keyword and see what it comes up with. I typed in motivational speaker to see what the results would be for South African search:

  1. The best month ever was January 2006
  2. It's gone down since then with February 2010 being the next best month (but nowhere near the heights of January 2006)
  3. August of every year appears to be the best month for "motivational speaker" search. Could it be because of Woman's Day on 9 August? I know when I still owned a speakers agency, I got a lot of requests for woman speakers around July/August for Woman's Day.
  4. Search in June/July was at an all-time-low. This can only be ascribed to the world cup.
  5. Johannesburg and the Western Cape are the top searchers for "motivational speaker"
  6. The world trend is similar to SA. The decline is just not as steep.

South African Search for Motivational Speaker

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