Architecture of Selling 2.0

Sales Training in South AfricaThe Premise

Most sales people do not join an organisation to fail. They want to succeed at selling because it is makes them feel significant, it benefits the company they serve and it puts food on the table and if they’re lucky, sometimes quite a bit more.

The Reality

On paper, the sales process is easy: Find a prospect, sell a prospect and deliver on your promise. Do it again. And, again. The reality, though is that we are dealing with human beings with all their foibles and failings. Research says that 80% of a sales team only hits 42% of its target. So, if your team comprises 10 sales people, this means that only two are cutting it and the rest are not. This is a big ‘fail’ rate.

There’s no doubt that sales managers are struggling and failing to get the most out of their sales people.

– Endless sales training doesn’t appear to help

– Your sales people are smart enough to figure things out – they know where to find the prospects in your industry, but they don’t

– Most sales people know how to cold call a new prospect (there are many effective scripts) but they don’t have the will, stamina nor resilience to keep on picking up the phone. So, training them “how to” can’t be the answer

– Most sales people can intuitively conduct a proper needs analysis

– They also know how to ask for the order, or at least the “next step”

If sales success was only up to “how to” then you wouldn’t have to embark on expensive training … just buy Selling for Dummies by Tom Hopkins or Jeffery Gitomer’s, Sales Bible and hand it out to your sales team and watch the sales role in.

So, patently, the sales model is broken.

So what’s the answer?

In my opinion, poor sales are not due to a skills problem but to a self-management problem.

So, I’ve crafted The Architecture of Selling 2.0 to fill the gap.

The Architecture of Selling 1.0 which I ran from 1998 until 2012 when I started questioning the the efficacy of the “how to” paradigm saw more than 1000 individuals through it. I’m afraid that this course may have caused more damage than good.

I’ve researched and crafted The Architecture of Selling 2.0 over the last two years to fix some of the damage I may have caused.

What will you gain from The Architecture of Selling 2.0

You’ll create meaning and ignite passion in the important work you do.

You’ll resonate an intention of giving and not of getting so that you’ll attract the right kind of clients for your endeavour.

You’ll to sell in a way that empowers and grows your clients so that you have lifelong loyal fans

You’ll become a true sales professional and will be proud to call yourself a ‘Pro’

Some of the perspectives you’ll gain:

– How to create more value to your organisation by figuring out how to find more clients, give them more than they were expecting and keeping them coming back for more.

– How to stop being an immature getter and a mature giver

– How to effectively utilise your day using checklists and systems to do what’s important

– How to conduct a resonant and fruitful, low-pressure but high-value sales meeting

– How to find quality leads

– How to conduct a research call and not a sales call

– How to empower and grow your prospect so that he/she makes the appropriate decision

– How to develop a growth mindset so that you can stay in for the long haul

– How to stay on-point and accountable to yourself, your family and the organisation that has given you the opportunity to thrive

The resources I have researched to craft The Architecture of Selling 2.0

– Selling with Noble Purpose – Lisa Earle McLeod

– 80/20 Sales and Marketing – Perry Marshall

– Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into A Sales Machine With The $100 Million Best Practices of – Aaron Ross & Marylou Tyler

– Mindset: How You Can Fulfil Your Potential – Dr Carol S Dweck

– The Checklist Manifesto: How To Get Things Right – Atul Gawande

– The War of Art – Steven Pressfield

– Turning Pro – Steven Pressfield

– The Warrior Ethos – Steven Pressfield

– A Letter To Garcia – Ron L Hubbard

– The Fountainhead – Ayn Rand

– For The New Intellectual – Ayn Rand

– Anthem – Ayn Rand

– Care and Growth – Etsko Schuitema

– Source: The Inner Path of Knowledge Creation – Joseph Jaworski

– Synchronicity – Joseph Jaworski

– King, Warrior, Magician, Lover – Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette

– The Dan Sullivan Question – Dan Sullivan


I can only guarantee that I will deliver the material to the best of my ability. What the delegate does with it is up to his/her willingness to be humble and accept teaching, strength of character and maturity to accept that their might be a better way to serve his/her company and its clients. In essence, to make the decision to become a Professional and to stop playing in the amateur ranks.

I’m mindful

Research has indicated that one-day training interventions in the sales field may result in a 5% increase in sales … but only for about a month. Then they taper off and go back to the default. The better option is to have training on a regular basis if you want to see real results. If any of this resonated with you and made sense to you, then you’re going to throw some money at this workshop (R2 500 per delegate). So I want to make sure that you get bang for your buck:

– For a year after the course, I will send an email to each delegate every week with either text or video. This year-long programme will embed the learnings and add more insights that will help you become a more effective human being and consequently a more effective sales person.

– I will be available to answer any questions related to being human, sales and marketing from the delegates; either by email or on the phone

What’s the investment?

Well I gave the game away two paragraphs ago, didn’t I?

R2 500 per delegate for a one-day intervention + 52 weeks of valuable insights.

So, it works out to about R48 per week per delegate.

This includes a workbook.

Lunch and teas

A year-long programme to embed the learnings and add more insights

Telephonic and email support

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