May 24, 2009

ANC Youth League’s Floyd Sivambu on sleeping around

This was one of the moments in 2009 that gave me a belly laugh.

Mampara of the week, ANC Youth League spokesman, Floyd Shivambu recently accused Helen Zille of sleeping around. Accuse your 14 year old of "sleeping around" and watch the blushing, floor gazing and general discomfort (and, feel your blood pressure start to rise). Because, even a child knows what "sleeping around" means.

Floyd battles to grasp the ramifications of his words when he tries to explain what sleeping around means. In his opinion, when he accused Helen Zille of sleeping around, it did not necessarily mean that she was having sex. Come on Floyd, even a child gets your meaning.

It is obvious that the more level-headed ANC leaders tried to coach this chop how to slither out of the defamatory statement (I'm surprised he hasn't been sued yet) he made against Zille. Watch how ineffective he is at trying to justify his comments in a radio interview with 702's Rudi DIreko.

God help us if this bumblemeister gets out of the ANC Youth League incubator and actually gets a leadership role in our parliament one day.

Here's the link:

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