December 19, 2007

An embryonic democracy produces Jacob Zuma

I’m not a fan of populist leaders like Jacob Zuma. I can only hope that he has some savvy, logical advisers. If he has a bunch of sycophantic acolytes advising him, then we’re in the dwang.

A thought came to mind after he was elected president of the ANC … If the USA can elect George W Bush, then I suppose we can elect JZ. After the election debacle which saw Al Gore lose by a hair to George Bush all those years ago, some wit said in all seriousness: "We’re still a young democracy …"

I suppose that means that South Africa is an embryonic democracy. However, I don’t think we should be taking the kind of risks we are on someone like JZ. We’re hardly out of the incubator and still in a fragile state.

Now let’s see if the NPA has the gumption to charge him. That will make for a delicious soap opera, that’s for sure.

Jacques de Villiers is an inspirational speaker and sales trainer in South Africa

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