February 3, 2013

Affordable motivational speakers

Motivational Speakers adjust attitudesThe Jacques de Villiers Group has started a new venture called 9K Motivational Speakers. As you probably know, we create sales improvement solutions for our clients, either through training, consulting or speaking.

To this end, we use industry experts to help our clients achieve their sales improvement, marketing and people development objectives.

We traditionally source and supply motivational speakers (a misnomer as most speakers are industry experts and not purely motivational speakers) for conferences and training interventions.

These speakers come in at anywhere from R12 000 to R40 000+ for an hour presentation. For the big corporates this is a drop in the ocean. They can easily spend R500 000 upwards for a convention. And, if the truth be told, the drinks tab is probably bigger than the keynote speaker’s fee.

9K Motivational Speakers

However, there are smaller companies who have limited budgets for conventions, so a R15 000 motivational speaker could be a bridge to far. This is where 9K Motivational Speakers bridges the gap. Being mindful that some companies have smaller budgets we have built up a 100+ database of conference speakers who are prepared to speak for under R10 000.

“I believe they are worth way more to the company than 10k. However, reality dictates that some companies just don’t have the budget, so why disadvantage the company and the speaker because of the small matter of a fee. Both, speaker and company when if they can come to an agreement,” Jacques de Villiers, The Business Generator.

They are often industry experts who speak from time to time, but the bulk of their business comes from training and consulting. Or, they could be a new kid on the block who hasn’t had a whole lot of opportunities to strut his or her stuff. Some even donate their fee to charity because they make sufficient income from their other businesses.

Whatever the case, whether you choose a heavy-hitting superstar or a solid journeyman, all professional speakers have one goal: To inform, entertain and inspire your audience.

Many business speakers use products to get their message across i.e. books, DVDs, CDs, podcasts, webinars and the like.

South Africa has an astounding pool of talent when it comes to business speakers.

Dependent on your budget and on your business goals, you will either be looking for high-priced conference speakers or affordable motivational speakers. The Jacques de Villiers Group can source either for you.

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