March 31, 2010

About Jacques de Villiers

Jacques de Villiers – The Business generator

I specialise in sales training, marketing, Internet marketing and public relations.

Thinking, writing and speaking to generate more business for you!

I started my marketing company,
Mindtrust Marketing in 2004 in conjunction with my professional speakers
agency, Motivators International that I started in 1998. I sold
Motivators International in 2007 (at this time it was turning over in
excess of R900 000 a year).


Annie Greef, professional speaker Clive Simpkins, communications specialist EDS Enterprise Solutions Erik Vermeulen, speaker and author
John Ingram, Hiside director Media 24 Paul du Toit, professional speaker and author Silverhedge Solutions One
Tiffany Markman, copywriter, editor and trainer Wolfgang Riebe, professional speaker and author


I love marketing and sales and it has been a passion of mine for as long
as I can remember. I see myself as an artist and a master of my craft.
I’ve a passion for creating words, marketing, public relations,
communication, motivation and sales campaigns to generate more income
for my clients. I throw my body, mind and soul into my work so that my
clients get serious bang for their buck.

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some great mentors on my journey into
marketing and sales.

  • My father, Dr. Bruckner de Villiers taught me influence, persuasion
    and speech writing skills.
  • Milner Erlank, Manuscript,
    taught me public relations, writing and editing skills.
  • Kevin Eborall, then Marketing
    director of the Fraser Alexander group, honed my marketing skills.
  • Communications specialist,
    Brian Gibson showed me how to handle any crisis for my clients.
  • Adolph Kaestner, Professional
    speaker and friend … a great sounding board and foil for some of my
    wackier ideas.

I’m a prolific (and eclectic) writer.
I’ve had
articles published on bouncers, battered women (first one I was ever
paid for), sales, marketing, Internet marketing, motivation and
communication. I’ve cracked the nod with radio, having been interviewed
or asked for an opinion on SAFM, Cape Talk and Radio 2000. Television
still eludes me. I’ve been writing a blog that has a small following.

My big promise

I’ve been honing my craft since 1990 and believe I’m at the top of my
game when it comes to marketing and sales. I bring a tenacious spirit to
the party as well. I’m like a terrier for my clients – ensuring that
they become #1 in their niche market. My mission in life is to turn the
organisations I deal with into unstoppable marketing machines so that
they can increase their income by a minimum of 30 percent.

How do I do this?

I craft strategies to acquire new clients, up-sell/cross-sell and retain
clients. I either deliver myself or pull together the right teams to
help me with your marketing, public relations and sales challenges,
hence the name of my company MindTrust Marketing. I bring the best minds
in the business to ensure that you get the business generating solution
tailored to your specific needs.


 Upselling/Cross-selling Client
  1. Advertising
  2. Direct marketing
  3. Marketing
  4. Internet marketing
  5. Public relations
  6. Media relations
  7. Sales strategies
  8. Employee
  1. Sales training
  2. Negotiation skills
  3. Influence and

  1. Client
    relationship management
  2. Strategic
  3. Crisis management
  4. Reputation
  5. Team building


My qualifications

Strangely enough, nobody has ever asked me about my qualifications. I
suppose that’s because they just want the right solution and understand
that qualifications aren’t everything.

  • 1992 – Certificate in
    Freelance Journalism – Intec College
  • 1988 – Diploma in Business
    Management – Executive Education
  • 1988 – National Diploma in
    Public Relations – Witwatersrand Techikon (now Johannesburg University)
  • 1981 – Matriculated from King
    Edward VII High School, Johannesburg

2010 Clients

  • Intellient – marketing
  • Callie Roos & Associates – marketing
  • Stef du Plessis &
    Associates – content marketing
  • Billy Selekane – branding
  • The Hiside Group
    facilitation for Tiger Wheel & Tyre
  • Liquid Luxury – sales
  • WSI – copywriting services
  • Specichem – marketing
  • Frankiboy Sweets
    marketing consulting

2009 Clients

  • Apollo Scientific – motivational keynote address
  • Arwypp Medical Centre – keynote address
  • Business Communication Skills – marketing consulting
  • Orange River Wine Cellars – marketing and sales training
  • Mont Blanc – sales training
  • Frontfoot Strategic Consulting – sales training
  • Specichem – marketing training
  • COID Support – marketing consulting
  • Intellient – marketing consulting
  • Ian Thomas and Associates – marketing consulting
  • Callie Roos and Associates – marketing consulting
  • Donna Rachelson and Associates – marketing consulting
  • Helen Nicholson and Associates – marketing consulting
  • Billy Selekane and Associates – marketing consulting
  • Ingram and Associates – facilitation (team building)
  • Metropolitan Employee Benefits – keynote address
  • Intelligent Edge Consulting – marketing consulting
  • JMR Trailer Parts and Accessories – sales training
  • Profit Reform – marketing consulting
  • Management Planning Systems – marketing consulting
  • The Academy of Health and Beauty – marketing consulting
  • Al Prodgers – comedian – marketing consulting
  • Juliette Jenner – voice coach – marketing consulting
  • Gavin Sharples – humourist – marketing consulting
  • The Peer Group – marketing consulting
  • The Winners Circle – sales training

Client list since

My passions

  • My daughter, Rebecca
  • Reading – anything by
    Roald Dahl, Umberto Eco, Anne Rice and Stephen King
  • Metaphysic and quantum
  • Chess
  • Bass fishing
  • Road running
  • Toastmasters

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