September 19, 2015

5 Ways To Eat For High Energy

Eat for right energy - Celynn Erasmus

Choosing the right fuel is not always easy, but with a little insight, inspiration and initiative you can, and will, increase your energy and overall health, and you may even lose some of that extra weight you’ve been wanting to get rid of.

Eating right should not be about deprivation or difficulty. It should be about feeling empowered, feeling energised, feeling healthier and making the right choices for the right reasons.

Too many of us embark on extreme diets that require us to combat our cupcake infatuations with a “my brain is stronger than your icing” attitude. Trying to beat your body into submission by willpower alone may be more painful than passing a melon-sized kidney stone. Instead, learn about how your body works: about hunger, appetite, digestion and energy balance. Use this information to make better nutrition choices most of the time, not just this week, but for the rest of your life.

Our Five FAB food guidelines

As the founders of the FAB quotient, we share a similar eating philosophy. We hope that our five FAB food guidelines will serve you as well as they continue to serve us.

  1. Don’t under eat — your fuel tank cannot run on empty.
  2. Don’t overeat — you will feel sluggish and lethargic.
  3. Choose real, unprocessed food — the closer to nature, the better.
  4. Be balanced —allow for some flexibility.
  5. Have fun — eat with enjoyment and gratitude to feel nourished.

Above all, listen to your body. It will tell you more than all the nutrition experts on the planet.

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