Transformational Sales Management Training

On the Sales Management Training Course I teach sales managers to be hands on and in the trenches with their team.

I’m strong on teaching them about coaching their team. I believe a sales manager should be measured on the process of motivating his/her staff to sell just as much as on the sales result. Sales managers are there to set their team up for success and that should be their total intent. I essentially teach them how to care for and grow their team. On the sales results side, I teach sales managers to become business generators in their own right. They need to know how to find, nurture, score leads that they can hand over to their team. They need to be able to teach their team to up sell and cross sell and they need to be able to teach their team to keep the business on the books and grow it – this speaks to Key Account Management and Customer Relationship Management.

What you’ll learn on the sales management training:

  • How to craft and implement an effective sales strategy – from generating leads to nurturing and growing existing clients
  • How to build a positive, motivating and inspiring sales culture
  • How to build a team that has your back
  • How to set standards and hold both yourself and your team accountable
  • How to motivate and manage yourself
  • How to run an effective weekly sales meeting
  • How to coach in the field
  • How to have courageous conversations with individual team members who aren’t performing
  • How to deal with the one or two prima donna sales people that make you life difficult
  • How to get your team to take pride and responsibility for hitting the number you set for them
  • How to get your team to self-manage so that you can focus on high level issues rather than the day-to-day, nitty gritty challenges