Lars Lofstrand, author, speaker, futurist

Lars Lofstrand talks about motivational speaker jacques de villiers

I have been on a couple of seminars that Jacques has facilitated and the information that he has imparted has been a Business Changing Event. We at the Capacity Company have applied the information that we had been taught and it has literally changed the way we do business. Thank […]

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Adolph Kaestner, professional speaker

Adolph Kaestner praises motivational speaker Jacques de Villiers

Working with Jacques is an absolute pleasure. He is always willing to listen to everybody’s point of view and then use his experience to develop the best solution. His vast experience in sales makes him an obvious choice as a sales consultant for those companies wishing to make and exceed […]

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Tiffany Markman – Copywriter, Editor and Trainer

Tiffany Markman testimonial for motivational and spiritual speaker, jacques de villiers

There are very few business people out there with as sharp a grasp of human nature, what motivates people, what compels people and how people think, as Jacques de Villiers. Jacques has combined knowledge and experienced gained over many years in diverse spheres of industry into various impactful offerings in […]

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