Kirsten Long, co-founder, Coaching Culture Clubs

Coaching Culture Club Co-Founder, Kirsten Long talks about Jacques de Villiers

Jacques has an uncanny ability to turn the expected upside down and to look at it from another perspective. He often plays the role of Devil’s advocate, inviting people to consider other aspects of a decision or idea. Jacques is extremely well-read and offers insightful ideas on a range of […]

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Paul du Toit, Presentation Skills Expert

Exceptional Speaker Author Paul du Toit

I have known Jacques for over 14 years and have been privileged to attend a number of his sales talks and workshops over the years. Not only is he a highly entertaining speaker and facilitator, but every time I listen to his sales wisdom I have implemented one or more […]

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Kirsty Coetzee, Marketing, Tinswalo Lodges

Testimonial for sales motivational speaker by Kirsty Coetzee

A while ago, I was given the opportunity to attend a sales training workshop by Jacques, and was pleasantly surprised – he’s a compelling (and hilarious) speaker, an expert in his field, with a quirky, relatable personality. He exceeds expectations, does business with integrity, and genuinely just a pleasure to […]

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Lars Lofstrand, author, speaker, futurist

Lars Lofstrand talks about motivational speaker jacques de villiers

I have been on a couple of seminars that Jacques has facilitated and the information that he has imparted has been a Business Changing Event. We at the Capacity Company have applied the information that we had been taught and it has literally changed the way we do business. Thank […]

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