Jacques interviewed on Cliff Central by Timothy Webster

Cliff Central Unbranded interview with Jacques de Villiers

September 1, 2015 (09h00 – 10h00): Jacques de Villiers and Bonsai Shongwe were interviewed on Cliff Central by branding thought leader, Timothy Maurice Webster. The subject was the Power of Public Speaking. Can a speaker move an audience? In one of his questions, Timothy was trying to figure out if there was a magic sauce that could move audiences en mass. I think I put a damper on things when I made the statement that I believe […]

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Toastmasters MapCon 24 – 25 October

MapCon Toastmasters Conference has come and gone (by the way, the MAP stands for Make A Plan). Here's my journey. Friday 24 October Caroline Thomasset greeted me at the registration table at the Barnyard Theatre. What a babe. If this was how my night started off, I knew that the rest of the conference was going to be a knockout. Caroline and I have been chatting on Facebook, so it was great to put a […]

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