Search Engine Optimisation For Beginners

Search Engine Optimisation Jacques de Villiers

If you’ve been trying and failing to work out how to really get your website to become a real marketing tool for your business, why not consider attending this 3-hour workshop. We’ll take a deep dive into what makes a website work. You’ll learn: – How to structure your website for search engines – How to optimise every page for search – How to find the right keywords for your business – How to craft […]

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Direct Response Sales Letter 1

Direct response sales letter - tune up your website

I wrote this direct response sales letter to my email database of 646 people on 5 December 2017. Direct response sales letter: Share the journey of a direct response copywriter. Sometimes great highs … mostly lows. But all of it is good and makes someone a living. Date: 5 December 2017 Database: 646 Opens: 155 (24,41%) Clicks: 17 (2,68%) Sales: 0 Hey Jacques, How to figure out if your website needs a tune-up There’s a simple way to […]

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Sales Management Training Top 3 on Google

I checked my Google ( ranking for sales management training tonight and was shocked or maybe delighted that I have three different pages in the top 3 in organic search. Not being the boastful sort and prone to hyperbole, I’m putting the screenshot up as proof that it actually did happen. By tomorrow the whole lot could have disappeared. I’m not really sure why I would get such a good position for three of my […]

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Are You Making Poor Purchasing Decisions Because Of Good SEO?

Are You Making Poor Decisions because of good SEO?

For anyone who uses Internet marketing to generate quality sales leads, it is important to be on the Top 10 of Google and other search engines for your keyword. Of course, the Holy Grail of SEO is being #1. Research tells us that most of us browsing on the Internet might go as far as page 3 of Google for our search. But, in reality, most of us only get as far as the 1st […]

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