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3 Sales Aptitude Questions Every Sales Manager Should Ask before hiring

3 sales aptitude questions

Most sales managers struggle and fail to ask the right sales aptitude questions of their potential new hires. Then they sit with dead weight down the line because their team is not hitting its number. 80% of your sales team is hitting only 42% of its target. Chally Group As sales managers one of our biggest challenges is that we don’t interrogate our potential new hires deeply enough. Even if we use some kind of […]

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Are you hiring desperate sales people?

Hiring sales people

I pitched one of my sales training courses to an insurance company recently. In conversation the HR professional mentioned that they are hiring ‘older’ sales people. I asked why? The answer I got was that they had more responsibility … children, bonds, school fees and  … debt. I suppose the rationale is that if sales people have more responsibilities (and debt), they will be encouraged to work harder to service those responsibilities. And, if they […]

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Are You Making Poor Purchasing Decisions Because Of Good SEO?

Are You Making Poor Decisions because of good SEO?

For anyone who uses Internet marketing to generate quality sales leads, it is important to be on the Top 10 of Google and other search engines for your keyword. Of course, the Holy Grail of SEO is being #1. Research tells us that most of us browsing on the Internet might go as far as page 3 of Google for our search. But, in reality, most of us only get as far as the 1st […]

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Are sales managers coping with a changing business landscape?

Is sales management training enough?

As a sales manager have you ever asked yourself this question? “Have you spent money on sales training, invested in a bunch of sales techniques and sales coaching and found that your numbers are still not improving?” Are you frustrated that nothing you try works in the long run. If you’re like most sales managers, you must find it mind-numbing and soul-sapping to watch 80% of your sales force fail day in and day out. […]

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Copywriting: Good Content is Rare

In January 2012, journalist, Nikita Gomes Achadinha from the now defunct COUP online magazine, interviewed Jacques de Villiers on the art of copywriting. Nikita managed to squeeze a reasonably good amount of information out of Jacques and turn it into a half decent article because he hadn’t taken his medication that day and was all over the show and found it difficult to keep on point. So, well done to Nikita for turning incoherence into […]

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