Life Coaching

The Choice I Made

Tough Decisions

I looked out the window, feeling the sigh in my soul. It was a Saturday morning, and a gorgeous spring day. It’s the smell of spring that I love and I feel drawn to be outdoors. But this day I was chained to my desk, like a prisoner without hope. Piles of marking lay before me, deadlines loomed, wasted days. I felt the sigh in my soul again. Do I really want to carry on […]

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Don’t Say No To Yourself Before They Do

Keep Calm and Don't Say No

“Should I ask?” I wondered. One thing I know, for sure, is that my father loves ice-cream. He had been through a horrendous time of surgery and recovery so when his meal was delivered I wanted to get him some ice-cream to cheer him up. The lady who delivered the meals was in a hurry and had loads of meals to deliver. “I can’t really ask her” I decided. Then I remembered something I’d learnt […]

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10 Phrases You Need To Stop Saying Now

No no - Kirsten Long

If you hear a voice within you saying, “you are not a painter”, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced. – Vincent van Goch If you’d been in the car with me the other day you’d have noticed the blue skies and the bright sunshine, and you might have wondered why my face was dark and down. I wasn’t seeing the beautiful day. My mind was busy worrying over why my life was […]

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4 Steps to Crushing Communication Complications

Poor Communication

Crush Communication Complications in 4 Steps Have you ever said something small and trivial to someone and they reacted furiously? As they stormed out the door, you wondered what was wrong with them? You somehow pushed their buttons and you’ve no idea why. What you said meant something specific to them – only you don’t know what the meaning was. Model of Mind The Model of Mind, brought to us by Richard Bandler and John […]

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