Stop Trying to Win and Start Trying to be Helpful

Fireman - Etsko Schuitema

You know there are really two ways of being in the world. There is the way of competition and then there is the way of cooperation. We have indicated that the way of competition is based on a person whose fundamental intention is being here to get because a competitive person wants to always win, they want to assert themselves and stand out above everyone else. They are concerned with becoming grand and acquiring as […]

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Book Review: Intent – Exploring the Core of Being Human

Intent: Exploring The Core of Being Human Etsko Schuitema book review

After reading Etsko Schuitema’s Intent – Exploring the Core of Being Human, I felt both excitement and trepidation. Excitement that I had found a roadmap on how to live an excellent life. And, trepidation because as I turned the last page, I knew that I could never again hide behind my feeble excuses. The statement, “The world we experience is a reflection of the register of our internal dialogue,” put paid to any idea I had of […]

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A Vice Called Results Focused

Etsko Schuitema - Results focused

It stands to reason that one should give attention to what one has power over, and that one would tend to disable yourself if you gave attention to things that you do not have power over. Strangely, this very obvious and basic insight does not only seem to be lost on many executives,  but we deliberately run enterprises in such a way as to focus the leaders attention on anything but what the leader personally […]

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