Inspirational quotes

Are you looking for motivational quotes for work?

motivational quotations for work

If you’re looking for motivational quotes for work, amongst others, there’s no shortage. Quotations are ubiquitous and can be found just about anywhere on social media. When do I look for quotes? When I’m writing a speech or an article that needs an appropriate quotation, BrainyQuote is my go to source. I also enjoy going to Instagram. Go to #motivationalquotes and you’ll find 15 650 328 posts. When I need to get creative I look […]

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Inspirational Quotations from 60 Second Time Out

Inspirational quotations from Mike Greene's 60 Second Time Out

For those of you who have been following me, you know that every time I read a book, I curate the inspirational quotations I find in the book for your pleasure. Today, it is the turn of 60 Second Time Out by Mike Greene. It is really worth getting. It has some simple, yet powerful lessons. Hat tip to Mike Greene for this piece of work.       52 Inspirational Quotations 1. Most people […]

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