The Shallows

The Shallows, Jacques de Villiers motivational speaker

I was at the beach a couple of weeks ago. When I swam I stayed in the shallows. Every now and again, I’d spot a small fish or some sea shells. It was pleasant enough. But after a while I got bored. Seriously, one can only body surf for so much. When I’m at the sea, I always want swim deeper and further out. I never do. The bottom line is that I’m scared. I’m […]

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Two Steps To Your Deepest Desires

By Kirsten Long Many of my readers have reflected their deepest desires for the coming year to me. It makes for fascinating reading – these desires reflect a range of human emotions – from deep pain, fear and hopelessness to ambition, hope and excitement. There are desires for something better for other people. There are many desires reflecting career changes, desires for better relationships and financial success. Many desires speak of the need for self-acceptance […]

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Four Steps to Cultivate Accountability in a Victim

victim-mentality Etsko Schuitema

In previous articles I have indicated that legitimate leadership based on the Care and Growth of subordinates is ultimately concerned with cultivating the accountability of the subordinate. We argued that this accountability would only hold if the following conditions are met: That the person has the means and the ability to do what is required of them. That the person is held accountable for that which they can actually do rather than the results of […]

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