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High Performance Doesn’t Follow Bell Curve Reviews

The annual forced ranking bell curve reviews tend to cripple innovation and collaboration. Most businesses today deliver value through service, intellectual property, creativity and innovation. Even in traditionally process driven environments like manufacturing, the ability to efficiently design, sell and support your product can add more value to the organisation than the ability to manufacture alone. With increased automation the international trend is away from unskilled or process supporting labour to skilled knowledge or service […]

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Without a holistic view Employee Engagement is just another programme

Improve employee engagement - Richard Riche

Employee Engagement is often impacted by what happens outside of the office as much as what happens at work. Unfortunately most employee engagement models are centred around what happens at work and not on a holistic view of employees as human beings with context (home, relationships, money and families). Organisations spend millions each year on these programmes, but employee engagement is at record lows according to Gallup (less than 15% Engaged). What this means is […]

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9 Things Bosses Regularly Get Wrong

Reap what you sow

One of the key leadership challenges is cultivating the conditions in which employees are willing to go the extra mile. Many bosses fail to crack this code. Schuitema Associates has been arguing for the past 26 years that you account for the success of an organisation on the basis of the contribution made by the individuals that make up the organisation. Put simply, an organisation is successful only if the individuals within the group give […]

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Do you have the right management for Employee Engagement?

Employee Engagement

The right management will increase Employee Engagement, the wrong management will increase disengagement. According to Gallup’s estimates the right management (direct supervisor) accounts for more than 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores across business units. This relationship is a key factor in the low worldwide employee engagement scores (in 2013 only 30% US and 13% worldwide are actively engaged). The scariest statistic however, is that over the past twelve years these low numbers […]

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