The Disillusionment Paradox

The disillusionment paradox, Jacques de Villiers, motivational speaker

Imagine your 80-year-old self reflecting on how you played the game until this point. Looking back, did you achieve everything that you set out to do? Some of it? None of it? Did the promise life or at least GQ, Vogue and Cosmopolitan magazines make you come true? Did you get that perfect life? The beautiful house. The beautiful body. The perfect wife/husband. The adoring children. Two cars and three pets (two dogs and a […]

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Noah, Aliens and Disillusionment

ET - Jacques de Villiers

A favourite dinner topic, around our house when I was growing up, was the UFO crash (with five aliens on board) in Roswell, New Mexico on July 8, 1947. That’s how you roll when you were born to liberal parents in the 60s and 70s. Discussions about the Illuminati, Nessie, Big Foot, Dogons, Sirius, coincidence, synchronicity, religion and the supernatural were not alien in our home. It was standard fare. I suppose that’s why I’ve […]

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