Customer Service

Why in customer service “The customer is always right” is wrong

Customer Service - Richard Riche

In customer service we need to recognise the customer is a human being who deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, this does not mean they are always right. The idea of the customer is “always right” originated with Harry Selfridge, the founder of Selfridge’s department store in London, in 1909. The concept is often used by businesses to convince customers that they will receive great service and to convince employees they need to […]

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What is bad customer service really about?

Premise: If you don’t bleed for your employees, don’t expect them to bleed for your customers Many organisations are struggling and failing to get to grips with falling customer service standards within their ranks. They typically seek out customer services training, start another customer relationship management programme and try and force-feed their employees ‘the official customer services manual’. In my opinion, customer service excellence is not an employee problem, but rather a culture disconnect and […]

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Grow sales through successful CRM

Customer Relationship Management Software

In my experience most sales directors are battling and failing to come to grips with the concept of CRM (customer relationship management) and how to make it work properly. They either don’t have a CRM strategy or have a half-baked one that is tottering along. There are many reasons why CRM isn’t working for sales-driven companies. But, I’m only going to unpack one. CRM software! Starting any customer journey with software is one of the […]

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CRM: A long-term relationship is more profitable than a one-night-stand

Looks and charm may get you one date. Character, consistency, caring and support will get you going steady. The same holds true for your client. Your organisation may woo her to buy once at a high profit with promises of service, loyalty, discounts, friendliness, but if you can't back up your offering, you'll not have a long-term relationship with her. To do this you'll need to change your perception of the way you deal with […]

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