3 Warning Signs That You Are In Denial

Denial - Kirsten Long

“Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.” Stephen R. Covey Almost Too Late The first time I saw her, she cried for almost the whole hour. She was a successful woman, going places in the Financial Sector. She worked 12 – 14 hours a day and thrived on the stresses of her environment. She thought she had it all until she came home […]

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Why Defending Yourself Destroys Relationships

Defending yourself

Pam was feeling upset. She and Craig just had an argument. In fact, she was also feeling confused. She thought she was doing the right thing. He obviously didn’t. They’d been at a lunch with friends earlier. She was telling everyone how amazing Craig was – he’d just got a promotion, he was doing so well, with a HUGE increase on top of it all. When they got home, he complained angrily, “I really hate […]

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4 Steps to Crushing Communication Complications

Poor Communication

Crush Communication Complications in 4 Steps Have you ever said something small and trivial to someone and they reacted furiously? As they stormed out the door, you wondered what was wrong with them? You somehow pushed their buttons and you’ve no idea why. What you said meant something specific to them – only you don’t know what the meaning was. Model of Mind The Model of Mind, brought to us by Richard Bandler and John […]

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Jimmy Manyi – not the only communication faux pas

By now the Jimmy Manyi faux pas on the coloured people in the Western Cape and the resultant broadside from senior minister, Trevor Manual are well-documented. Not that I want to put the boot in whilst someone is down, but the government does set itself up for ridicule. Here it is – An unnamed member of the provincial executive committee (PEC) made this statement (from Sunday Times, 27 February – Blast from ANC led to […]

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Don’t Tweet Up on Twitter

It was reported in the Sunday Times (February 27, 2011) that rugby commentator Andrew Lanning really tweeted up after sending a post to Twitter which was supposed to be confidential. As a result he was axed by DStv channel SuperSport. What he tweeted is not germane to this article. However, he is on a growing list of people to have tweeted up and sent something about the organisation they represent that it would rather not […]

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