attitude change

Burn the Haystack. Find the Needle.

Gordian Knot

I’ve no doubt that you’ve heard the idiom “Like looking for a needle in a haystack.” It’s based on the idea that it’s hard to find a sewing needle in a haystack. It means when something is almost impossible to find. It got me thinking about the Holy Grail and the Arthurian legends attached thereto. Just in case you’re not up to speed. The Holy Grail was the cup used by Christ in the last supper. And, in […]

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Curb your judgement

Motivational Speaker Article

After his book launch an author complained that one of his best friends never bought his book. He ranted, saying that he expected his friend to support him by buying his book. He got nods of agreement from the the rantees. The author went as far as saying that he was prepared to terminate the long-standing friendship because of this ‘shameful’ behaviour. All, once again nodded in agreement. Except for one. He asked, “Is it […]

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From superficial to stupendous

Breathtaking Photography by Zsolt Zsigmond

Have you ever experienced the relief when a car alarm that has been going off for the last hour, stops? Suddenly you can take a breath and think clearly again. But, if it isn’t a car alarm, it’s some other distraction that’ll keep us out of our heads. I love distraction because the reality is that it stops me from thinking. More specifically, it stops me from thinking about myself. And, it stops me from […]

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Gold or God

3d gold bars and coins

I was thinking about North and South America the other day as one does when one is sitting in Benoni at a Spur restaurant. For some reason I was thinking about why North America was ‘wealthy’ and that South America wasn’t. One is ‘first world’ and the other is well … ‘third world’. I have a notion that when the Spanish settled in South America they went there for the gold. When the Pilgrim Fathers […]

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Attention is superior to intention


It was when I was rereading Etsko Schuitema’s Intent: Exploring the Core of Being Human the other day that I came across this aphorism: Attention is Superior to Intention. Eckhart Tolle made the same observation when he said, “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus on your life. And, to add some more weight to this, Carlos Castaneda said, “A man of knowledge lives by acting, […]

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