Oscar Wilde, Flaneur and Dandy

You’re probably wondering what the heck a spiritual flâneur is, aren’t you?


Well, it’s a made up word and I’m probably the only person on this planet to call myself a spiritual flâneur (Google the word if you don’t believe me).

Let’s start with the question, “What is a flâneur?”

The concept of the flâneur, the casual wanderer, observer and reporter of street-life in the modern city, was first explored, at length, in the writings of Baudelaire.  Baudelaire’s flâneur, an aesthete and dandy, wandered the streets and arcades of nineteenth-century Paris looking at and listening to the kaleidoscopic manifestations of the life of a modern city.

You can clearly see that Irish poet and playwright, Oscar Wilde was a flâneur and dandy.

He observed society and wrote about it in his poems and plays.


I’m certainly no Oscar Wilde and don’t have unlimited funds to wander the streets of London and Europe just to observe life and write about it.


I hardly dress as well as he did so I wouldn’t qualify as a dandy (although, I doubt in this day and age, being called a dandy would be a positive thing). Who knows?


I have, however, made it my business to observe human nature through the lenses of spirituality and philosophy.


To be honest, I had no grand intention of helping others. I really just wanted to figure out my own convoluted life with all it’s wrong turns and dodgy choices.


In this (continuing) journey, I discovered some universal truths about what it takes to be human.


These are the observations I share with my audiences and readers. It seems to resonate with them because I keep getting invited to share this knowledge.


These observations have helped me, and according to the testimonials, a number of people start to figure out what it takes to be human and navigate this life elegantly and eloquently.


Don’t let the word spiritual flâneur scare you off if you want hard-nosed business results. The observations aren’t motivational motherhoods but rather gritty, real and messy life-lessons that make one more than a little uncomfortable.


Stretched and challenged you will be if you decide to engage with me.


If you want easy and to find the hack to make you successful, you’re not getting it from me.


Take this to the bank: There are no hacks or silver bullets to make your and my life easier and more bearable. It takes hard work and the dedication to go within oneself and find the true authentic human that hides there.


The lessons gleaned from my travels are as applicable in your personal life as well as your professional life.


Essentially, I help bring the human spirit back into enterprise so that:


  • → We learn to come to work for something bigger than just a paycheque
  • → We learn that we are here to serve the other and to set the other up for success
  • → We are all preparing for our ultimate cataclysmic event: our death. To this end, we should strive to make every moment count so that when the time comes we can give up our journey with grace
  • → We realise that this amazing story that we’re in has been written to enchant us. All that is asked in return is that we are in awe and gratitude for this story.

The observations from the arcane, spiritual and philosophical world help us become exceptional humans:

→ Become less predatory and more collaborative

→ Become selfless and not selfish

→ Know that we are here for a purpose

→ Know that things seldom turn out the way we plan them and that’s ok

→ Be aware that suffering is a gift. It is both the good and the bad that have shaped us into the humans we are right now

→ Figure out that the universe and everyone in it, owes us nothing


What I’ve been striving to do for the last 20 years is ignite a consciousness that by becoming an exceptional human, everyone benefits … we become better employees, leaders, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters.