Richard Riche

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Richard Riche - Presentation SkillsKeynote speaker and trainer, Richard Riche helps you build a great place to work in. His message is that we need to bring humanity back into the workplace because:

  • A toxic culture and poor leadership not only reduce profitability but can literally shorten your life (causing negative stress and health concerns).
  • The cost of replacing talented staff can now cost as much as 150% of their annual salary.
  • The world is changing and we need Emotionally Intelligent Engaged, Innovative workplaces not Disengaged bureaucrats.

Richards help you to build an Engaged High Performance Emotionally Intelligent culture using his 4 keys drivers of Employee Engagement:

  1. Relationship with manager (Performance management, mentoring and development of talent)
  2. Belief in leadership (Congruent Strategic communication and EQ)
  3. Pride in belonging (Building a high performance team)
  4. Having a voice (Most Innovation comes from those who deal with products and customers daily)

Building a successful team requires clear communication, clear objectives and building sustainable relationships.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Improving your interpersonal and strategic communication (End “Death by PowerPoint” and data dumps)
  • Helping you speak and present more effectively to engage your audience and inspire action
  • Increasing your levels of Employee Engagement by building a sustainable high performance culture
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence in your teams helping you reduce conflict
  • Helping you manage time with the latest Neuroscience research
  • Executive coaching and consulting

Richard has an MBA (Dissertation on Employee Engagement and Communication) and is a DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) and TLI (Toastmasters Leadership Institute) Trainer.


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