I serve others so that they can triumph as human beings

I help people recognise and develop their inherent intellectual, emotional and spiritual power so that they can live lives of security, significance, fulfilment and grace.

The spine of navigating this human experience and triumphing at it is courtesy and deliberateness.

These concepts are strongly influenced by my research into arcane military, spiritual and philosophical practices that have useful applications for the 21st Century individual, team and organisation.

If you want to master your human experience and thrive for yourself, your team and your organisation, why not engage with me.


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Are you a sales professional?

I help sales professionals, sales leaders and entrepreneurs close more deals more consistently.

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Are you a leader?

I help leaders motivate and grow their employees to achieve the results expected of them.

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Are you an entrepreneur?

I help entrepreneurs build significant businesses by helping them with their sales, marketing and social media strategies.

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Are you a professional speaker?

I help professional speakers and trainers get more speaking and training assignments more consistently.

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Are you an author?

I help authors craft and market books through an outfit called Indie Author. It’s a collaboration of experts to help you.

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Do you want to Triumph?

I craft pieces of process to help you become secure, significant, fulfilled and triumphant through arcane philosophy

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