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Contributive Sales Systems

80% of your sales team is only hitting 42% of its target – Chally Group


If that’s you, then you may just have landed on the right resource at the right time.


There’s only 2 ways to live in the sales world – you’re either predatory or contributory.

Sales Training in South Africa


Clearly, the way we as sales professionals have been taught to sell has generally been predatory … target-driven and commission-driven.


This does violence to the customer because we’re in it for ourselves.


Patently, being in it for ourselves doesn’t work (commission)… if it did, we’d all be hitting 100% of our target, wouldn’t we?


So, if commission doesn’t motivate us, what will?


Contributory selling is an attempt to address this vexing question.


It is my belief that the more we serve our customers and set them up for success, the more we succeed too.


To feel fulfilled in this (sales) work that we do, we need to aspire to something bigger than a pay cheque (commission).


Of course, the ‘security’ piece is important. I get that without it, we can’t pay our bonds, put kids through school or feed ourselves.


But when it comes to long-term happiness and success, there’s more than just ‘security’… there’s also power, fulfilment and harmony.


I’ve been studying and applying arcane knowledge, spirituality and philosophy to the world of sales and marketing through speaking, writing. consulting, coaching and training for the last 20 years.


After two decades, 1 200+ presentations and 7,2-million+ words penned; I’ve learned a couple of lessons along the way…

These may be useful to you.


You’re Enough

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