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Helping you navigate this human experience elegantly and eloquently

My Plan A is to raise the bar on what it is to be human so that we can all navigate this experience with elegance and eloquence.


I’ve been studying and applying arcane knowledge, spirituality and philosophy to the world of business through speaking, writing. consulting, coaching and training for the last 20 years.


After two decades, 1 200+ presentations and 7,2-million+ words penned; I’ve learned a couple of lessons along the way …. These may be useful to you.


All I know that this is the work in front of me and it is the path with heart I’ve chosen as my way to be of service to humanity.


I don’t have a Plan B

Executive Coach Dawn Klatzko Art of the Suit

Executive Coach – Dawn Klatzko

Executive Coach, Dawn Klatzko’s profile page has gone live on Professional Speaker Services. Of course, Dawn isn’t only an executive coach. She’s also a motivational speaker and author. She’s written a book called The Art Of The Suit. She also has a keynote and a workshop by the same name.


Mindfulness: Why do you play so small? Mindfulness. This is a weekly newsletter I send out called Find a Path With Heart. Here are the statistics: Date: 30 November 2017 – 17h05 Sent: 653 Opens: 409 (62,83%) Clicks: 73 (11,21%) Hey Friend, In today’s mindfulness article I’ll be short and
Direct response sales letter - tune up your website

Direct Response Sales Letter 1

I wrote this direct response sales letter to my email database of 646 people on 5 December 2017. Direct response sales letter: Share the journey of a direct response copywriter. Sometimes great highs … mostly lows. But all of it is good and makes someone a living. Date: 5 December
How not to miss your sales target

Why commission can kill a sales professional’s effectiveness

In my line of work I often get asked to look at the remuneration packages of my clients’ sales staff to see how I can craft something that is good for both the company and the employee. If you’re in the sales game, you know that there are generally four

Glossophobia: The Fear of Public Speaking

Source: HOW TO MASTER PUBLIC SPEAKING For some people, public speaking seems a fate worse than death. But what is it about the theoretically benign yet terrifying act of delivering a speech that scares some of us so? And how can you get over your public speaking anxiety? We