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Long-Tail Search Content Marketing

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Per Article


Per Article


4 articles per month (300 words)

You do the keyword research

8 articles per month (300 words)

We supply you with the exact keywords

2 Cornerstone articles (900 words)

20+ articles per month (300 words)

We supply you with the exact keywords

4 Cornerstone articles (900 words)

Website audit

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Your long-tail keyword blog posts will get ranked higher in the search engines than your competitors.

Quality Visitors

Searchers who type out exactly what they want are already converted and now want to buy. You'll get more qualified visitors onto your website.

Authority and Trust

The more quality articles you have on your website that are relevant to your buyers' problems, the more your company will be seen as the expert in your industry.

Long-tail keywords: What's all the fuss about?

If you're late into the content marketing game, you'll always be on the back foot.

Your competitors who have been search savvy, have a head start; particularly on short tail keywords.

Short tails are keywords like: motivational speakers, training, engineering, banking, sales training, financial services, plumbers, dentists and the like.

These keywords are heavily searched and it's hard to rank well on the search engines for them.

Chances are that your competitors have better search engine rankings than your company (only because they got a head start).

That's why a long tail keyword content marketing strategy is the answer to catching up and outsmarting your competitors.

Specificity Counts

Long tail keywords are more targeted and focused and catch the person who is actually in the buying cycle and not in the research cycle.

These are keywords like: motivational speakers in Johannesburg, closing techniques for sales people, best HR practices, dentists in Sandton.

Customers narrow down their search the closer they are to making a buying decision.

It's your job to be visible when they do search.

There are 100s of these long-tail keywords that can apply to your industry.

Size and Frequency Counts

One of the reasons that your competitors are smashing you in the search engines is because they have big websites. In terms of what Google wants, if you have a website that has less than 100 pages it's pretty much anorexic.

The more pages your website has and the more frequently pages are put onto your website adds a lot of weight to how your website will rank in the search engines.

As you already know, writing blog posts and adding them to your website regularly will give you both the size and frequency that the search engines are looking for.

Cornerstone Content

When you saw this in the offering above, you may have thought, "What's that?"

Simply, it's a 900+ word article that has a cornerstone short tail keyword in it. Like "motivational speakers" for example. Once this has been written according to the best practice search formula the trick is to get internal links to it.

So, whenever a blog article is posted on your website, an internal link is pointed to the cornerstone article. Thus, the more links pointing to one page on your website, the more traction you get on the search engines.

What's the Process?

You sign up to one of the packages - Testing the Water; You're Serious or You're Committed

I'll call you to make sure that this really is the right solution for you

I'll do the long-tail keyword research and come up with the right keywords for your purposes (except for Testing the Water).

I'll send the brief off to my copywriter.

I get the articles back and run them through sophisticated software to test if they are properly search engine optimised. They have to get a score of 80% or more to pass muster.

I then send the articles to you and you then place them on your website.

And, then you wait for the right customers to find your content at the time they want to buy

That's it.

Scroll up and check which package works for you and then reach out to me BELOW and let's see how I can set you up for success.

These packages are month-to-month, paid in advance.

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