Why commission can kill a sales professional’s effectiveness

In my line of work I often get asked to look at the remuneration packages of my clients’ sales staff to see how I can craft something that is good for both the company and the employee. If you’re in the sales game, you know that there are generally four remuneration models: Commission only Small basic and bigger percentage commission Bigger basic and smaller percentage commission Salary only If you’re a sales manager ...

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How not to miss your sales target

Glossophobia: The Fear of Public Speaking

Source: MastersProgramsGuide.com HOW TO MASTER PUBLIC SPEAKING For some people, public speaking seems a fate worse than death. But what is it about the theoretically benign yet terrifying act of delivering a speech that scares some of us so? And how can you get over your public speaking anxiety? We explore it all below. GLOSSOPHOBIA Fear of public speaking is so common it has its own term: glossophobia. Americans report that they fear ...

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The Strongest Transmission Always Wins

Posted on March 14, 2016

By Douglas Kruger “Nice car, but aren’t you sponsored by Ford?” Six years ago, when I auditioned for the part of the presenter in a series of ads, it passed through my mind that I might be making a mistake. Certainly, it was television exposure. But what if it was the wrong exposure? What if it was the wrong message for someone aspiring to build a reputation in a different industry? What if, in the conflict between two competing ...

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Is it possible not to judge

Posted on March 11, 2016

By Kirsten Long The answer is NO. It is impossible not to judge. We do it unconsciously all day every day. The process is instantaneous and usually unconscious. We are not even aware that we are judging. Let’s look at how this happens: An event occurs (someone does or says something) We compare the event to our standards for how the world is supposed to be. We arrive at a positive or a negative assessment – they event is OK or its NOT ...

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How Long Are You Going To Tolerate This?

Posted on March 10, 2016

By Kirsten Long I’d had enough. This was two years ago. I could no longer put up with a messy bathroom. So I got stuck in on Saturday emptied the cupboards, threw away old medicine and cosmetics, sorted and cleaned. Then I visited my favourite shop and bought a whole lot of pretty coloured plastic baskets in varying sizes. The next morning I completed the task and the whole bathroom was more functional, and certainly more tidy. Now we ...

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