EL James, The Mister reading by Jacques de Villiers

I was asked to read a piece out of EL James’s, The Mister at Skoobs Theatre of Books in April 2019. When you watch the clip below, you’ll see that clearly I’m not the world expert at reading erotica. However, I’ve been told that it was one of the most humorous readings ever to have taken place in Skoobs. Judge for yourself and leave a comment if you think it was humorous.

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How to build rapport in sales to a cynical prospect

How to build rapport in sales

I believe that figuring out how to build rapport in sales is a vital skill to close more deals more consistently. I would go as far as to say that the start in any sale is the most important part. Top sales professionals understand fundamentally that it is their job to make a prospect/client feel safe. Prospects need to feel comfortable and safe enough to hand over their business to you. Your job is to […]

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Why your sales job will never make you happy and what to do about it

Unhappy sales job

If you’re in a sales job (or any job for that matter) and feeling insecure, powerless, unfulfilled and unhappy why not read the rest of the text and figure out what you can do about it. If you have the dreaded feeling that this job you’re in is not for you than you’re not alone. Most of us on this planet have this feeling because we totally missed the point of why we work. I’m […]

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