Kirsten Long

Is it possible not to judge

By Kirsten Long The answer is NO. It is impossible not to judge. We do it unconsciously all day every day. The process is instantaneous and usually unconscious. We are not even aware that we are judging. Let’s look at how this happens: An event occurs (someone does or says something) We compare the event to our standards for how the world is supposed to be. We arrive at a positive or a negative assessment […]

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How Long Are You Going To Tolerate This?

By Kirsten Long I’d had enough. This was two years ago. I could no longer put up with a messy bathroom. So I got stuck in on Saturday emptied the cupboards, threw away old medicine and cosmetics, sorted and cleaned. Then I visited my favourite shop and bought a whole lot of pretty coloured plastic baskets in varying sizes. The next morning I completed the task and the whole bathroom was more functional, and certainly […]

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Holding onto these 10 things will stunt your growth

  By Kirsten Long You will live with emotional pain as long as you identify with the problems/ issues of the past. Holding on is about believing in the past. Letting go is about moving on so you can create a better, brighter and bolder future. You probably know this already. The big question is HOW? You start with self-reflection – you can’t let go of something if you don’t know you’re holding onto it! […]

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How I Abused My “Why Not?”

Kirsten Long - Why not

I have Balekane Mokoditoa to thank for the inspiration for this post. He gave a speech at Toastmasters the other night that truly inspired me. (One of the things I love about Toastmasters!) He told us that throughout his life he said, “Why not?” whenever someone suggested something. It got him into trouble once or twice but on the whole it has successfully shaped his life. Making the most of every opportunity that came his […]

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3 Personal Stress Busters

Stress - Kirsten Long

  Do you make a conscious effort to reduce your stress levels? OR Are you one of those people who keep talking about how stressed they are, and yet do nothing to alleviate the stress. Managing your stress levels means only one thing: taking some action that will help you to feel relaxed. It’s not that difficult because you probably have a pretty good idea of what will relax you. The difficulty is making a […]

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