The Architecture of Selling

Jacques de Villiers presents a blended (live and online) foundational sales training course that covers: sales attitude, prospecting, sales calls, overcoming objections and closing techniques.

Johannesburg - 4 October 2017

Durban - 11 October 2017

Cape Town - 19 October 2017

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per delegate

About the course

The Architecture of Selling is a foundational sales training course for both new and seasoned sales professionals.

The course has been attended by 1000+ delegates since it was crafted in 2001.

It has been iterated and updated numerous times over the past 16 years to adapt to the changing needs of sales professionals in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business world.

What you'll learn

  • How to find enough reasons to become an effective sales professional
  • How to find and connect with your ideal prospects
  • A 5-step process to getting to "Yes"
  • How to close for commitment
  • Overcoming objections

Course schedule

Figure out why you're in sales and learn to love the game. Your work is your life-story and a revealer of your character. Become the best version of yourself and set your customer, your company and you up for success.

Module 1 - Sales Attitude

Stop wasting time on prospects that'll never buy from you. Learn how to identify your ideal prospect through: persona mapping, lead scoring and lead nurturing. Get good on the phone to connect with your ideal prospect.

Module 2 - Prospecting

You get the meeting ... now what? You need to lead your prospect through a series of actions to close the sale. You'll be exposed to field-tested questioning and listening strategies to build trust, liking and commitment.

Module 3 - The Sales Process

This section separates the pros from the amateurs. Your ability to handle and overcome objections is vital to progressing a sale to a signed order.

Module 4 - Handling Objections

Let's get this out of the way

You're probably wondering how this course is different to other sales courses out there. You've probably already sent your sales force on numerous courses without much success, haven't you?

It's all about context and expectations. Most sales courses promise you increased sales (because that's your need and what you want to hear). As you know, it's a false promise. No trainer can control how your sales person will first, take up the information on offer and second, action it. Those sales people with strong character, humility, willingness to learn and with a solid work ethic, will benefit from any course they attend. Those that don't have these traits, won't.

At best a 1-day sales course is conceptual and contextual. A course can only provide a starting point for the delegate. It's up to the delegate to have an attitude of continual learning, pick up the ball and get on with the job at hand ... selling!

So, am I going to promise you amazing sales results if your staff attend my course?

Of course not ... I can't. It's up to the delegate what he or she does with the information I provide.

What I can promise you is that:

- Solid research has gone into what it takes to become a top sales performer

- All the strategies that are imparted on the course are field tested and work

- I'm 100% focused on setting your sales professional up for success

How do I do this?

I've included my online course in this training as well. Every concept that is taught in the 1-Day course is expanded on so that the learning is embedded into the psyche of the delegate.

The online platform comprises 8 modules including CRM and ratios management, amongst others. The delegate has to complete each module and write an online assessment to make sure that he or she is competent to move onto the next module.

I provide the sales leader with a report on how the delegate is progressing online. Only after all the modules are completed does the delegate get a Certificate of Completion.

Of course, let's not lose sight of what's important ... it certainly isn't the certificate. It's the scoreboard and how many sales are on it.

I can never guarantee that your sales professional will perform. That's up to him or her. What I can guarantee is that whoever goes through The Architecture of Selling process, will be more than adequately equipped to ...

- Find the right prospect to approach

- Set up a meeting with that prospect

- Run a professional sales meeting that has a more than even chance of ending up with some kind of commitment

- Handle and overcome objections

- Close more deals more consistently

Jacques has been helping organisations improve their sales since 1998. He has delivered 1000+ training interventions, both locally and overseas. He's ghostwritten six books and a number for his own account.

When he's not speaking, training, consulting or writing, you'll find him catching bass, playing chess and spending time with his family.

Meet your instructor

Adrie Barnard, National Franchisee Training Manager, Huizemark Franchising Group

What we appreciated most was your willingness to research real estate sales to enable you to use the correct terminology and make your presentation relevant to our industry. It is months later now and many agents still refer to your session as the highlight of the conference. You certainly have made lifelong fans at Huizemark! Thank you, Jacques!

Jacques, your presentation was a smashing success. The delegates responded enthusiastically to your wit, humour and valuable insights … so much so, that they voted you the top speaker for the day.

Beulah van Rensburg, Sales and Marketing Talent Management, Media 24

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4 October 2017

09h00 - 16h30

Hackle Brooke Conference Centre, Craighall Park

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11 October 2017

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Sica's Guest House, Musgrave

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19 October 2017

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