Monthly Archives: February 2018

You could have been born in Yemen

Grace of God

Whenever we used to see someone less fortunate than we were, my mother used to say, “But there for the grace of God go I.” I’ve used this idiom with my own daughter. But, I’ve never interrogated its real meaning until recently. I get to hang out with super successful people in my line of work. Many are grateful and humble of the largess bestowed upon them. But some are arrogant, entitled, selfish, self-indulgent assholes. […]

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Great artists crave appreciation

God creates humankind

There’s one thing artists crave more than food. And, that’s appreciation. All humankind craves appreciation. The thing is that we were created to be appreciative by the great artist. When he spoke his first words, “Let there be light”, he got the ball rolling. He called light, day and separated it from dark, night. He was pleased. And, this was only day one. Like all artists, God wanted someone to appreciate and be in awe […]

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Cujo the Alsatian

Cujo the alsation

It was 1980 something, somewhere in Namibia (then South West Africa). We’d heard that a new tracker dog was being sent from South Africa. Finally, the big day arrived. The whole company came to see the dog. It was something to break the interminable boredom of camp life and walking patrols. It’s handler brought it out of the Buffel. It didn’t disappoint. It was an Alsatian. Majestic and mean. Barking and foaming at the mouth, Cujo-style. […]

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