Monthly Archives: February 2016

You, the Chosen

My daughter, Rebecca, was around three or four years old – I’m hazy on the timing, but I’m crystal clear on the story I’m about to relate to you. It’s indelibly inked into my psyche. Rebecca reached out her hands to Simoné and I and said, “Mommy, daddy, I want to tell you something.” She led us to a couch and indicated that we should sit. She stood facing us. As I looked up into […]

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How I Abused My “Why Not?”

Kirsten Long - Why not

I have Balekane Mokoditoa to thank for the inspiration for this post. He gave a speech at Toastmasters the other night that truly inspired me. (One of the things I love about Toastmasters!) He told us that throughout his life he said, “Why not?” whenever someone suggested something. It got him into trouble once or twice but on the whole it has successfully shaped his life. Making the most of every opportunity that came his […]

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Two Steps To Your Deepest Desires

By Kirsten Long Many of my readers have reflected their deepest desires for the coming year to me. It makes for fascinating reading – these desires reflect a range of human emotions – from deep pain, fear and hopelessness to ambition, hope and excitement. There are desires for something better for other people. There are many desires reflecting career changes, desires for better relationships and financial success. Many desires speak of the need for self-acceptance […]

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