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Are Motivational Speakers Like The Kardashians?

Motivational Speakers

* I wrote this article for the PSASA newsletter. No motivational speakers were harmed in the writing of this article. The narcissists didn’t care and the rest didn’t read it 🙂 In essence, I’m really questioning my own ego, vanity and my need to feel significant and I’m wondering if social media is the way to go. I think not. Is it just me or have you also noticed that as a profession, speakers tend […]

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3 Personal Stress Busters

Stress - Kirsten Long

  Do you make a conscious effort to reduce your stress levels? OR Are you one of those people who keep talking about how stressed they are, and yet do nothing to alleviate the stress. Managing your stress levels means only one thing: taking some action that will help you to feel relaxed. It’s not that difficult because you probably have a pretty good idea of what will relax you. The difficulty is making a […]

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