Daily Archives: October 28, 2015

I’m too flabby for Facebook

Homer Simpson jacques de villiers

It’s been apparent for a while now that I’m getting too flabby for my size 32 pants and the Siren’s song of stretch pants is starting to pull at me. I can deal with my daughter saying, “Daddy, shouldn’t you be running more?” Everyone’s a critic these days, even a nine-year-old. 😉 Criticise my waistline, not my writing But, when someone says that my writing is too “Flabby for Facebook” … that’s where I draw the […]

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Roadblocks to effective performance management

Performance Management "Richard Riche"

An effective performance management programme is supposed be a strategic business tool that drives productivity, engagement and compliance. Unfortunately bad performance management costs a lot and delivers very little. A dynamic performance management process impacts all key business metrics (including return on equity and revenue growth) so it’s surprising that so few organisations get it right. The key obstacles to effective getting performance management are: A tenuous link between strategy and day-to-day behaviours. Though the […]

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