Daily Archives: September 8, 2015

The Strange Secret To Happiness

Appreciation - Jacques de Villiers

Here’s  a hack I use to ensure my happiness (most of the time). When you’re in the traffic have you ever slowed down and given someone a gap so that they can cut in front of you? And, after this courtesy, have you expected a gesture of appreciation … a raised hand or a quick flick of the hazard lights? Have you been surprised (and angry) that the driver takes the gap without even so much as a […]

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9 Things Bosses Regularly Get Wrong

Reap what you sow

One of the key leadership challenges is cultivating the conditions in which employees are willing to go the extra mile. Many bosses fail to crack this code. Schuitema Associates has been arguing for the past 26 years that you account for the success of an organisation on the basis of the contribution made by the individuals that make up the organisation. Put simply, an organisation is successful only if the individuals within the group give […]

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