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How To Become A Motivational Speaker

How to become a motivational speaker

Some things you may want to know on how to become a motivational speaker, speakers’ bureaus, ethics and how much you should charge as a conference speaker. Let’s start with Speakers’ Bureaus A speaker’s bureau is in essence a booking agency for professional speakers, trainers, corporate entertainers and comedians. Speakers Inc., run by author and speaker agent, Bronwyn Hesketh markets the country’s top talent to blue chip companies and Professional Conference Organisers. Traditionally, a bureau […]

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Economics: The Study of Legitimate Transaction

Etsko Schuitema on Transaction

The key fallacy of the predominant approach to people and economy is the idea that the individual is subordinate to the system. People are there for things. It is immediately apparent in how people in leadership positions get taught to see their roles. If you ask people for a definition of leadership most will say that leadership is about achieving a result through people. This, by definition, turns people into a resource or a means […]

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