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Jacques interviewed on Cliff Central by Timothy Webster

Cliff Central Unbranded interview with Jacques de Villiers

September 1, 2015 (09h00 – 10h00): Jacques de Villiers and Bonsai Shongwe were interviewed on Cliff Central by branding thought leader, Timothy Maurice Webster. The subject was the Power of Public Speaking. Can a speaker move an audience? In one of his questions, Timothy was trying to figure out if there was a magic sauce that could move audiences en mass. I think I put a damper on things when I made the statement that I believe […]

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Why in customer service “The customer is always right” is wrong

Customer Service - Richard Riche

In customer service we need to recognise the customer is a human being who deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, this does not mean they are always right. The idea of the customer is “always right” originated with Harry Selfridge, the founder of Selfridge’s department store in London, in 1909. The concept is often used by businesses to convince customers that they will receive great service and to convince employees they need to […]

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Press Release: Richard Mulvey Designs a new keynote – SEX in the Workplace

Richard Mulvey - Motivational Speaker

Richard Mulvey has just released his newest keynote, SEX in the Workplace. It is a humorous take to a serious subject: Getting teams to think about creating extraordinary results for the organisations they thrive in. This is what the critics are saying: “Richard has changed my attitude towards S-EX”·· Paris Hilton “Very S-EXy”·· Hugh Hefner “I thought I knew about S-EX until I saw this presentation”·· Rosie Cheeks “This is a load of Rubbish. In […]

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