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The Choice I Made

Tough Decisions

I looked out the window, feeling the sigh in my soul. It was a Saturday morning, and a gorgeous spring day. It’s the smell of spring that I love and I feel drawn to be outdoors. But this day I was chained to my desk, like a prisoner without hope. Piles of marking lay before me, deadlines loomed, wasted days. I felt the sigh in my soul again. Do I really want to carry on […]

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Press Release: Jacques de Villiers Group Partners with Speakers Inc.

Bronwyn Hesketh - Speakers Inc

10 August 2015 Release: Immediate The Jacques de Villiers Group Partners With Speakers Inc The Jacques de Villiers Group started representing the interests of professional speakers bureau, Speakers Inc in Gauteng from 3 August 2015. Bronwyn Hesketh, owner of Speakers Inc and Jacques de Villiers, a Past President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa and a Distinguished Toastmaster have been associated with each other and involved in the professional speaking industry since 1998. […]

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9 Tips for Choosing a Motivational Speaker for your Event

motivational speakers in south africa

9 Tips for choosing a motivational speaker or entertainer for your event | conference Choosing a motivational speaker is a choice we assist you with. To take the head ache out of your planning and organisation to ensure your event runs smoothly and professionally 1. Decide on the Theme It’s no use looking for a wildlife speaker, if your theme is Future Global Trends. If you’re not sure whether there are any speakers who will cover anything […]

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Death by PowerPoint #3 – Creative Replacement for Slides

Death by Powerpoint - douglas kruger

Part 3: Creative Replacements for Slides   Sometimes it’s not the smoking that you miss. It’s the act of playing with the cigarette.  In the previous two articles*, I militated against the audience-genocide visited upon humanity by PowerPoint slides. But what if, like the quitting smoker, you need something else to fiddle with? You see the argument for ditching slides, but you’d like an alternative or two. I was once told about a truly ingenious […]

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Death by Power Point #2 – Presentation Structures that Replace the Need for Slides

Death by powerpoint

Part 2: 10 Presentation Structures that Replace the Need for Slides    In the previous article, we used scientific methodology to establish that PowerPoint now outnumbers homo sapiens, has become sentient and self-perpetuating, and will soon rise up and trigger the Apocalypse. Happily, there are alternatives. If you’re brave enough to present without slides (and here are 7 reasons why you should: there are useful structures available to relieve you of the need for them. […]

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