Daily Archives: April 25, 2015

South African Xenophobia and Martin Luther King Jnr.

Peace on Earth

I wrote this post on Facebook recently. It was shared 39 times so it must have resonated with some folks. My spirit has been a bit down lately reading about the Rhodes statue, etc. The xenophobic violence, the ‘one settler one bullet’ cry by the so-called born frees and the visiting Robert Mugabe who is a mass murderer and ultimate subjugator being lauded as a hero. This makes me feel that the so-called real South […]

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Employee Engagement: What if Hollywood Doesn’t Call?

Employee Engagement

In my line of work employee engagement is a big deal. And, the question on every leader’s lips is, “How do I get my people to come to work for more than a paycheque”. Leaders are struggling with and failing to figure out how to get their employees to come to work for something bigger than themselves. One of the biggest mindset challenges I see with employees on a daily basis, is folks who have […]

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