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5 indicators that your leaders care

Care and growth

I found this article on the Schuitema Blog. The writer, Assad Schuitema came up with 5 things managers do that indicate they care: They’re sincere They listen They communicate They’re perceptive They stay calm Schuitema Associates, as a leadership consultancy, has been arguing for the past 25 years that effective leadership is essentially a matter of Care and Growth. Roughly speaking this means that effective leadership is a matter of genuinely caring for staff and […]

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Be Selfish and don’t feel guilt about it

goal setting

Do you ever feel guilty when you’re selfish? You know, when you do something just for you? I did. If I wasn’t putting my family first, going to bat for my clients 100% and slaving away to make sure that everyone in my ecosystem was ok, then I felt guilty. This was up until I came to the concept of selfishness through an Irishman called Philip McKernan who runs an intervention called Authentic Goal Setting. He asked one […]

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We stand on the shoulders of giants

standing on the shoulders of giants

I’m sure you know that Cecil John Rhode’s statue was recently removed from the Cape Town University because of a whole bunch of issues including being a colonialist and messing up everyone’s lives. And, it looks like the activists have their eyes on Paul Kruger’s statue too. I don’t want to get into they why’s and wherefores of the debate because it is not germane to the point I want to make. Maybe there’s another view. It doesn’t matter what […]

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South African Xenophobia and Martin Luther King Jnr.

Peace on Earth

I wrote this post on Facebook recently. It was shared 39 times so it must have resonated with some folks. My spirit has been a bit down lately reading about the Rhodes statue, etc. The xenophobic violence, the ‘one settler one bullet’ cry by the so-called born frees and the visiting Robert Mugabe who is a mass murderer and ultimate subjugator being lauded as a hero. This makes me feel that the so-called real South […]

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