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Authentic is the new fake

authentic is the new fake

As a sometimes professional speaker, I play in the world of motivational speakers, gurus and industry experts. A word that is regularly bandied about by this fraternity is authenticity. You’ll hear it from the podium … “live an authentic life”, “set authentic goals”, “be authentic to yourself” and the like. It is easy to say, “be authentic”. But being true to you is another story altogether. I get the feeling that when people bandy about […]

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The world’s shortest time management course in only 3 words

Stop Watching TV If we heed those three words, this would be the world’s shortest and most effective time management course. Is your life being infected by television? Are you deferring your dreams so that you can stay entertained? I have the feeling that watching too much television is a dull-witted distraction taking us from pure potential to mediocrity. I can’t quite remember where I saw this statistic … but it went something like this. […]

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Play Injured

Play Injured motivational speakers

The other day I set up my goals. One of them was to get into shape (again) for 2015. Running five times a week and gym four times a week. The day of the start of my great transformation, life conspired against me. I got the flu. The upshot of it was that I lost a whole week of training (5 000 or so calories I could have burned up). This week I’m not 100% […]

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New Year’s Blues


I’ll bet you, like me, received many good wishes for 2015. Of course, this happens every year, doesn’t it? We’re told to set goals, make new year’s resolutions and kick-start our lives. This is going to be your year, isn’t it? But, if you’re like me, you might have the post-New Year party blues because you too realise that with all your good intentions of turning over a new leaf and making 2015 the year […]

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