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Are you hiring desperate sales people?

Hiring sales people

I pitched one of my sales training courses to an insurance company recently. In conversation the HR professional mentioned that they are hiring ‘older’ sales people. I asked why? The answer I got was that they had more responsibility … children, bonds, school fees and  … debt. I suppose the rationale is that if sales people have more responsibilities (and debt), they will be encouraged to work harder to service those responsibilities. And, if they […]

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sales copywriting speaker reviews Swivl

Swivl Personal Cameraman

“Motivational speakers, educators and trainers now have access to their own personal cameraman,” says sales copywriting speaker, Jacques de Villiers. I’ve been using Swivl for just over six months and found it a most useful tool. I think I’m the first South African professional speaker to use one. Perhaps the only person in South Africa to have one. Basically, you can plug your IPhone into it and start filming. A sensor picks up where you […]

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