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Are firstborns destined to be more successful than their siblings?

10 science of success breakthroughs for motivational speakers to share with their audience

Motivational Speakers – Wrap your head around these 10 Success Breakthroughs I just read a great blog post from the Braintrack blog site – The 10 Biggest Breakthroughs in the Science of Success. If you want the skinny, you can check it out below (here’s the full article) – my comments are slightly irreverent. (Definitely leaning more to the cheeky side than to the scornful side). Based on my own work around success, I happen […]

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Copywriting: Good Content is Rare

In January 2012, journalist, Nikita Gomes Achadinha from the now defunct COUP online magazine, interviewed Jacques de Villiers on the art of copywriting. Nikita managed to squeeze a reasonably good amount of information out of Jacques and turn it into a half decent article because he hadn’t taken his medication that day and was all over the show and found it difficult to keep on point. So, well done to Nikita for turning incoherence into […]

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