Monthly Archives: February 2011

Don’t Tweet Up on Twitter

It was reported in the Sunday Times (February 27, 2011) that rugby commentator Andrew Lanning really tweeted up after sending a post to Twitter which was supposed to be confidential. As a result he was axed by DStv channel SuperSport. What he tweeted is not germane to this article. However, he is on a growing list of people to have tweeted up and sent something about the organisation they represent that it would rather not […]

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Beware of the Fox in the Hen House

In almost every company I consult to, I see that the sales manager has a personal target to meet over and above that of her team. This means that she has to personally go out and sell the companies goods and services. I believe that this weak strategy is the Achilles’s heel that can incapacitate and destroy a sales team. It leaves the rest of the sales team with the impression that they’re not getting […]

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Are You A Liar?

In The Star (26 June 2008) I read the article “Selebi’s job safe for 12 more months” In the body of the article, the following appeared: While leaked documents have suggested that the Scorpions’ investigation was being stymied by acting police chief Tim Williams refusal to hand over evidence, Williams has vehemently denied these claims. “Police never obstruct justice – that’s part of our training”. Do you think that Tim Williams is being honest or […]

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Change is not mandatory; neither is survival

10h30: I was looking for some inspiration for a sales training session I’m holding. A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson always gives me something to work with. 12h30: Nada on sales … will probably have to go to Og Mandino for that. I can’t believe I spent 2 hours looking for something and I came up with nothing. Well, not really, I found this little gem on change. On Extinction (pg. 302 […]

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When Stalingrad is burning – give them hope

Do you remember the movie, Enemy at the Gate about the Stalingrad siege? The lesson I got from the movie is that we should offer people hope. Since my game is marketing and sales training, I would say we should offer our sales people hope. In the movie, every dissenting voice is punished and every failure is punished by death. This is not a great recipe for success to save Stalingrad, is it? Things start […]

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