Monthly Archives: July 2010

Are SA Motivational Speakers On The Way Out?

Maybe I'm being alarmist, but based on the way the world is searching, the term "motivational speaker" is being used less and less. I picked this trend up from an interesting tool: Google Insights for Search. With Google Insights you can see what the world is searching for. You can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties. Use the tool to type in your related keyword and see what it […]

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“Never title your proposal ‘proposal’.”

If all the books in your favourite bookshop had white covers with the title 'Book', how would you know which one to pick up?    It's the same with your proposals. You want your customer to consider your proposal first because he will read it more thoroughly and will compare all other proposals to it. The way to entice him to pick it up is to choose a strong title. "Proposal" doesn't say anything clients can't […]

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