Monthly Archives: January 2010

Internet Marketing: Google & the Art of Dating Angelina Jolie

Article by Jacques de Villiers published in Meetings SA and CEO Magazine. “If you build it, they will come.” This is the attitude of many companies when they build their websites. They think that customers will come streaming in and that a website will be a panacea for all their financial woes. It may have been true when Theodore Roosevelt uttered those immortal words about the Panama Canal, but it’s not true for your website. […]

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FCUK Advertising

Granted, affront advertising does not work for everyone like it worked for the British outfitter French Connection UK. Using its almost-offensive acronym, FCUK saw its sales increase by 40% and its share price more than double after its billboard campaign. Most of my clients are B2B, so this kind of gratuitous advertising probably wouldn't go down too well.   Now that I have your attention, I'd like to touch on the B2B customer acquisition strategy […]

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CRM: A long-term relationship is more profitable than a one-night-stand

Looks and charm may get you one date. Character, consistency, caring and support will get you going steady. The same holds true for your client. Your organisation may woo her to buy once at a high profit with promises of service, loyalty, discounts, friendliness, but if you can't back up your offering, you'll not have a long-term relationship with her. To do this you'll need to change your perception of the way you deal with […]

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