Daily Archives: December 7, 2009

Is Your Browser Diminishing Your Brand?

I’ve just redone my marketing website and was pretty chuffed with the result. I got a call from Adolph Kaestner saying my website was a dog’s breakfast and doing my brand a disservice. “Have you been drinking? Because on my screen it looks beautiful,” I replied somewhat whiningly. It turns out that my website looked great on Firefox, but didn’t stack up in Explorer. It looked horrible. I checked out a couple of fellow PSASA […]

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IBurst can’t convert leads to sales

IBurst won't sell me anything! I've been trying to compare the Iburst solution with the Neotel solution. I'm currently an IBurst subscriber. I sent two emails via to request someone to contact me. Then I contacted Zoe, marketing manager's office. One of her staff said they'd get someone to phone me regarding my query. I'm still waiting (5 days later). Zoe, your lead generation is OK, but your conversion process sucks. Imagine that you […]

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