Daily Archives: November 23, 2009

Coaching and Mentoring and the Issue of Intent Part 1

In the course of the Leadership and Organizational Development work done at Schuitema over the last 20 years it has become very apparent that the key variable that one has to come to grips with in the case of both mentoring and coaching is the issue of intent. This is because the issue of intent is the key variable that sits behind effective coaching and mentoring as far as the coach and mentor are concerned, as well as being the primary factor at issue with the mentee in a mentoring relationship.

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Coaching and Mentoring and the Issue of Intent Part 2

The Four Concerns As with all of these models that we have developed, the Four Concerns are based on the insight that like the process of the move from birth to death is an incremental process, so too the process of the maturation of intent is an incremental process. If we used a metaphor of shade to describe this incremental process and we likened unconditionally being here to get as absolute dark and unconditionally being […]

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