Monthly Archives: February 2009

Why I love Julius Malema

The reason I love Julius Malema, ANC Youth League President, is that every time he opens his mouth, the ANC loses votes. I reckon he, alone, has cost the ANC 20% of the vote on 22 April 2009. So, bye, bye two thirds majority. Bye, bye changing the Constitution to fit the ruling party's jaundiced and tainted view. Karl Niehaus and his shennanigans; Naledi Pandor and her destruction of the education system; Jacob Zuma and […]

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The ANC loses the 4th SA general election on 22 April 2009

In a shock result, the ANC has lost the 4th General Election in South Africa on 22 April. Political analysts were all caught short in their predictions – that the ANC would win handsomely. It seems that the ANC misjudged its voters and was not in step with the populations aspirations. It is now apparent that the South African voter decided to have a courageous conversation with the ANC-run Government and told it that it […]

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